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Martial Arts is my life! It is embedded in all that I am and do today – my franchise organization, media company, consulting company, as well as the numerous other ways that I render valuable services through our various business organizations.

Born into a family that successfully ran a martial arts school, I would say that I practically lived and grew up in the school. My daily routine revolved around it; getting picked up from school and going straight to the martial arts school, doing my homework, taking my martial arts classes, assisting others, and ending my day with dinner at the school, was a norm.

The routine soon became ingrained in me that I looked forward to it, each day. And began to dream of having my own school, someday. I wanted to live my dream and do what I love to do.

In the year 2004, this dream became a reality. I had an opportunity to establish and run my own school…

I built my first venture to a mega school within 2 years and created numerous national champions. I also had the opportunity to set up events on a larger scale with all major league sports teams, and even led a charity fundraiser event for St. Jude’s which has now raised more than $100,000, since then.

Our Martial Arts school has helped several thousands of students – transforming their mindsets and helping them become responsible and better adults.

A few years later, I got married and my wife ran our second location…

Thinking back, I consider myself truly blessed to have the rare privilege of being able to do what I love.

Never relenting in my quest for knowledge and personal development, I have acquired the skill of mastering running a multi-school organization, discovering my true passion; deriving more joy in helping people have their career dreams come true. I soon realized that I could help more people on a larger scale, and I did set my sail.

Currently, we are the fastest growing organization on the east coast and run 40+ locations in New York…

Over the years I have learned to help not only Taekwondo school owners but all people. My consulting and media company works with businesses all over the United States. We work with dentists, doctors, lawyers, real estate, restaurants, consultants, and pretty much anyone that needs help. You name it we have worked with the niche.

The self-development continues…

Service is my life and passion, which explains why I have consistently devoted myself to acquiring more knowledge and education that better equips me to help and serve in my leadership capacity.
The journey continues… Over the past 15 years, I have successfully built numerous business and interpersonal skills.

My highest skill is "problem-solving". Whether it be business, family, relationship, or life, I would say that I am known for being able to provide practical, on-the-spot solutions to a vast range of problems, including complex ones.

Here are a few things that summarize my contributions as an individual:

- Building leaders daily
- Solving problems daily
- Daily productivity level A+ 
- Growing others Super Powers

You are welcome to contact me at anytime, My team and I look forward to hearing you! 

Here are some recent photos...
Speaking on Habits of Success at TED talk
Speaking on Habits of Success at TED talk
Meeting with Chinese Ambassadors at Nassau County
Mastermind in California
Congratulatory lunch with Chief Terence A. Monahan as the 40th Chief of Department of the New York City Police Department
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